Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary Gala at The Hoxton


Toronto International Film Fest gets the whole city buzzed with celebrity sightings and mad after parties. For me, I got the chance to be invited to some of the best parties the city has to offer and the Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary Gala, at The Hoxton was one of my favorite. The seam of crowds were filled up fast with girls in vintage black dress and gorgeous red lips in anticipation to catch UK hip-hop songstress/American Boy Estelle. I love this event in particular that it’s doesn’t have a hint of pretentiousness and very Hollywood uber glammed hot. Parts and Labour  catered the event.

The attention to detail was impeccable with a red carpet to emulate glamour, photobooth to capture the moment and host handing out bow ties for the guys and pearl necklaces for the girls. Estelle knows how to work a crowd and gave the throngs of over five hundred guests a lesson on how to bump and grind. Even with a hint of attitude from the diva herself speaking her mind “Shit,turn up the music,I want them to feel it and being in front row closed to the stage I felt the earth move with stage presence. When American Boy came, I sang every word. Simplicity at its best with a hot red bob and glittery dress does compliments the Hoxton ambience of Liz Taylor/Grace Kelly, a homage to old Hollywood style

What a way to end the show with a solid cover of Real Love by Mary J. Blige leaving the guests on a high note. The litte touches like Diet Cola old fashion bottle giveaway from the door reminds me of my childhood! What a beautiful night ! Looking forward to next year!


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