Artbound – The Evolution of Pop at the Maison Mercer

Lady Gaga dance off, Tina Turner look-a-like, even KISS Gene Simmons (minus Shannon Tweed) managed to show up at for the second year event for the Artbound on September 23, which was theme within the Evolution of Pop staged at the Maison Mercer. Having gotten my VIP tickets, I’ve decided to do a mashup of outfits that represents pop culture with a Michael Jackson/Justin Bieber inspired attire. My good friend Gina was gracious enough to accompany me for this great event!

The Artbound organization is a non-profit initiative that partners with artists and those passionate about arts to raise funds to build sustainable infrastructure such as schools that provide and enrich the lives of children through education, schools and programming, cultivate and empower them through leadership and development of skills that help them improve their living conditions and generate sustainable income. Artbound supports Free the Children who’s organization I support within their initiative “Adopt a Village model” that provides clean water, medical care facilities and alternative income programs – all working in synergy to provide the children, a place to learn and thrive in a healthy and safe environment . This event certainly have been one of my must attend event that ties with a great cause and highlights the importance of arts through the hustle and bustle of our chaotic live. I for one is looking forward to next years event.Congratulation Mr. Craig and Marc Kilburger (founder of Free the Children) the event raised $150000! Bravo !!!


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