How to sleep better? Counting sheeps?


It took me awhile to find the right sleeping regimen to fit my busy schedule. I regularly wake up at 5am, yes ladies and gentleman 5 am. I try to sleep at least 7 hours depending on the week. People might think they need a solid eight hours a night, but your body might not require that much. The shorter span allows their bodies to eliminate lighter and broken sleep from the start of their slumber. Try going to bed 15 or 30 minutes later than usual for a couple of nights and see how you feel. But don’t snooze for less than six hours,that’s the minimum.

People think of sleep as an on-off switch, and its not. You don’t just jump into bed, close your eyes and fall asleep. You have to get your body ready for bed. Preparation is everything and key to setting you up for a good night sleep. Take a warm shower before bed. It usually takes about 15 minutes to doze off . Meditation does wonders and have that state of calm before you go to bed. Eating before going to bed just kills the body if you’re the type who eats at 10’oclock at night. When you wakes up, the body doesn’t like that food and it doesn’t do anything with it as it only uses it as a waste and gets rid of it. Eat around six – and then your done with food. If you keep nodding off and waking up and have been lying in bed for 15 minutes, get up. Don’t check your smartphones. Don’t watch TV. Don’t get into stimulating conversations with your partner – this will keep you up.

What are some of your sleep regimen tips of sleeping better?

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