Toronto Pearson Airport getting new restaurants this year transforming dining experience

Eats & Sips

Finally Toronto, an airport food dining experience transformation worthy to challenged behind many top airport city destination eats. Notable Toronto heavyweight chef with the likes of Mark McEwan (North 44), Guy Rubino (Ame) and Claudio Aprile (Origin) will converge on Toronto Pearson International airport to open restaurants and bars where airport foods goes beyong the standard cafetria fare. The restaurants will be run by New York firm OTG Management and expected to start the transformation space this summer and will continue into 2013. Another reason to take advantage of this great dining eats experience offering if your flights delayed or to get a taste of Toronto’s best chef eats.

• Acer: a modern Japanese menu offering by chef Guy Rubino of the former Rain and Ame, serving Terminal 3

• Apropos: Wide selection from brewer Brock Shepherd of Kensington Brewing and master sommelier John Szabo, pair of bars offering guests vibrant open space to enjoy light meal and cocktail before flight, serving Terminal 1  

• Cibo Express Gourmet Markets: These markets feature a wide assortment of freshly prepared products and bottled beverages, including more than 1,000 different offerings. Serving Terminal 1 and 3

• Corso: Chef Rocco Agostino of Pizzeria Libretto highlights rustic Italian flavors and offerings fresh-made pastas, pizzas, salads and tasty antipasti at lively trattoria. Serving Terminal 3.

• Fetta: a panini bar from Chef Mark McEwan offering guests delicious selections of paninis, salds and small plates and design structures evokes Canadian texture with sense of spring. Serving Terminal 1.

• Heirloom: a pair of bakeries from Devin Connell of Ace Bakery, a second location with offerings of light menu including sandwiches, salad and delicious baked goods items made fresh using the finest local ingredients.  Design aesthetics inspired by the Canadian Shield and its natural features. Serving Terminal 3.

• Marathi: A “casual Indian curry and street food place” by Toronto Chef Hemant Bhagwani of Amaya. Serving Terminal 1.

• Nobel: A burger joint from Mark McEwan, features gourmet burgers from your classic burgers to out of this world allows guest to build their own burger with an open kitchen space creates inviting energetic vibe. Serving Terminal 3.ef

• Trillium: a new “global tapas” restaurant and raw bar by Chef Claudio Aprile. Incorporating flavors from the world’s best cuisines, includes small plates and snacks as well as raw bar selection,sald and open sandwiches. Serving Terminal 3.

• Vinifera: a pair of wine bars featuring “Canada-heavy wine lists” designed by Master Sommelier John Szabo and OTG Concept Chef Michael Coury, food offerings of small plates, salads and paninis to complement and expansive wine list.

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