Canadian Boutique Hotel Group ALT Hotels to expand in Toronto,Winnipeg, Montréal and Halifax


With the impending June hotel opening this year of ALT Hotel Toronto Pearson at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Groupe Germain Hospitality – a luxury boutique hotel family run company based in Quebec continues its expansion into the Canadian cities east and west with its sister brand, ALT Hotels. Currently,ALT Hotels can be found in Quebec City, Montreal’s Quartier Dix30, and at the Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. In the pipeline expansion, Groupe Germain Hospitalite to operate ten ALT hotels across Canada by the end of 2016 and is currently building three new properties at Halifax’s Stanfield International Airport scheduled to open early 2013, in Montreal’s District Griffin to open in fall 2013 and in Winnipeg’s Sports Hospitality and Entertainment District position to open Spring 2014

Alt Hotels dubbed “No Frills Chic”are trendy,hip affordable hotels with balance of decor,design and at the best price possible. The room rates remains the same throughout the whole year which is very convenient if your in a budget. And also at their website they have a promotion once a week for lucky customer who reserved online via website will win one night stay for the price of $1. They’ve thought through everything that you might need throughout your stay. Wi-Fi connection, iPod docking station, you name it – it’s all included on the price. ALT Hotels are leaders in living green hotels that includes such features: geothermal heating and cooling; heat recovery from indoor air that is vented outside and from the water used in commercial washers; energy-efficient lighting throughout and motion detection sensors in stairwells to reduce lighting by 50% when not in use; direct digital control system for ventilation, heating and cooling; as well as a white roof to minimize the creation of heat islands. . Stay tuned!

(ALT Toronto Pearson)

(ALT Winnipeg)

(ALT Montreal District Griffin)

(ALT Halifax)

(Photos courtesy of Groupe Germain Hospitalite )

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