Hotel of the Day: Hotel Ocho


Hotel Ocho owner Louise Choi officially opened the boutique hotel in June 2011. Built 110 years ago in 1902, the hotel’s large four storey heritage building has been a cigar factory and garment warehouse and it took five years of renovation from the city’s top design firms. A first-level lounge, second restaurant, and twelve hotel suites with no big hotel facilities like an indoor pool or gym on its premises. WiFi are available within their suites with flat screen TVs which is an added bonus. The hotel is located in between Chinatown and Queen Street West, and is walking distance to many of Toronto’s top attractions, Chinatown, Queen St shopping, CN Tower and Kensington Markets are just a few walks away. Choi comes from an entrepreneurial family who’s owners of Hotel D’Amsterdam . Interior Design company Dialogue 38 in charge of site renovation transformation have managed to combined with the old and new with an European feel in design with 12000 sq ft of clean heritage charm. From original restored wood beams, high ceilings and exposed bricks gives the hotel an added character that makes the hotel memorable as I appreciate architecture finesse. Glass, steel and clean white walls define the restaurant and lounge areas with Dutch furniture decorate the large space. Refreshingly different from big chain hotels, Hotel Ocho is coming of age in a changing Toronto hotel scene preceded by the success of the two boutique hotel darlings of Queen Street West: The Gladstone Hotel and The Drake Hotel. Rates starts $179.

Hotel Ocho 195 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 2C5 Facebook  Twitter

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