‘Suit Yourself’ App from Mr Porter & USA Network


Upscale menswear retailer Mr Porter teamed up with USA Network to promote the second season of the hit dram “Suits” to release the new iOS application “Suit Yourself”. The new app is designed as a mobile shopping companion to Mr.Porter.com, offering zoomable,high-resolution images of products better than what you’s typically find in a retailer’s mobile app. And it also contain some editorial content imported from the site, including an A-Z “Stylepedia” and cool videos.

Being a fan of the show as you will all know the impeccable attention to detail wardrobe plays and how dapper the main character ‘Harvey Specter'(Gabriel Macht) a top NYC attorney rock 3 piece double-breasted Tom Ford suits with ease and it fits him like a glove. And don’t forget Harvey’s right hand man ‘Mike Ross’ (Patrick J. Adams) casual ‘college dropout wardrobe. One of the many great thing about the free application lets you play stylist or a friend to create outfits for various occasions including dates, business trips or meetings splitting the styling between both gentleman in uptown (Harvey) and downtown (Mike) categories. Go ahead and download the Suit Yourself App here.

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