iPads At Pearson to Enhance Dining Experience

Eats & Sips

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is one of three airports, New York’s LaGuardia Airport already 300 been placed to deploy 2000 in total, and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with 2500  to be outfitted with thousands of iPads by American airport  restaurant company OTG Management. With both partnership , 2500 Apple tablets will be available at the Toronto Airport with the first station scheduled to open early November and December this year and completed by the next year. The iPads will be located at 13 new dining locations at Pearson, including eight locations in Terminal 1 and five locations in Terminal 3 , allowing passengers to order food and delivered right to their seat, surf the web, check information about flight departures and destination, check their emails or launch apps and games.

The iPads will be installed on the table top of each seat, and every seat will have access to an electric charging station which cleverly includes USB port and receptacles for charging your different tech gadgets.  The iPads are tethered, but can be used without any time limit. This will surely reinvent the dining experience at the Pearson Airport complimenting the already much anticipated addition of some of the new restaurant eats by prominent Toronto chefs like Mark McEwan (North 44,Bymark) and Guy Rubino executive chef for AME and five other prominent chef, a brewer and master sommelier that will aim to highlight Toronto’s celebrated restaurants and to give international traveller the Toronto dining scene.

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