OPUS Vancouver offers iPhones to their guests


We live in a high-tech gadget world were we are in-love with our toys and can’t get enough of them to make our lives better. The OPUS Vancouver, a luxury boutique hotel in Vancouver will be offering an iPhone that will serve as your phone in your guest room so goodbye to the old phones that are traditionally in your hotel guest room. Its programmed with a one-touch button that connects you to all the hotel’s departments if lets say you need to book a reservation to your favourite restaurant while you were shopping, you can call the concierge to do all the work for you. All incoming and local calls are free, which means you can save yourself some roaming charges which is a pet peeve when one travels. And full Internet access is also available within your convenience at no charge when you book directly through the OPUS Vancouver website.  When you checkout, the iPhone history/information will be automatically wiped clean by a specially designed app to make sure your privacy guaranteed. OPUS Vancouver have outdone itself and I thought the complimentary iPads with virtual concierge was a nice touch but this just elevates it within world-class service amenities elsewhere and shows how they think ahead of their guest needs and make their stay a memorable experience and a nice touch of added luxury. Rates upwards $300 August through September.

OPUS Vancouver 322 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5Z6 Facebook Twitter

(Photos courtesy of OPUS Vancouver)

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