Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews Series


Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews is a new project by Joe Plummer of Gotta Kid to Feed Productions. It pairs particularly absurd Yelp reviews (read: entirely typical Yelp reviews) with trained actors. The actors simply read the review on camera, and I’m going to give you the heads up it’s absolutely hilarious.

The project was inspired by a trip Joe learned this firsthand when his  wife was driving down the West Side Highway of Manhattan in search of a dinner  spot, and he began reading Yelp reviews to her from his smartphone. “The first thing to come up was Yelp and so I clicked the link and started reading the reviews out loud to my wife who was driving,” he explains.” I am not kidding when I say we had to pull the car over because we were laughing so hard. Something about an angry lobster set us off. For the rest of the trip I continued to find restaurants and read the reviews out loud.  By the time we arrived where we were going the idea was born.”

Above are all the Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews video series.

Professional actor Chris Kipiniak (Law and Order, The Good Wife)

Award winning audio-book narrator and actress Therese Plummer (The Good Wife, Law and Order SVU)

Award winning actor Brian O’Neill (Damages, The Sopranos)

Tony Award winning play “Peter and the Starcatcher”, Greg Hildreth

Broadway veteran Brian Hutchison

Broadway veteran Amanda Leigh Cobb (The Importance of Being Earnest, Coast of Utopia)

Ashlie Atkinson (Inside Man, Eat Pray Love)

Professional Actor Danny Deferrari (Pan Am, The Longest Week)

Broadway veteran Marsha Stephanie Blake

The incomparable Chris Kipiniak returns for a farewell performance

The incomparable Darren Goldstein (Damages, Limitless)

Soap opera veteran actress Tina Sloan (Guiding Light, Another World)

Source: FastCompany

Videos courtesy of Gotta Kid to Feed Productions.


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