Talib Kweli & Anthony Bourdain Talk Brooklyn’s Gentrification On No Reservations [VIDEO]


In the series finale of “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations — The Final Tour,” Tony heads to Brooklyn, NY where he uncovers a whole new world on the other side of the river. Here, Tony talks with local rapper Talib Kweli discussing the cultural and  economic changes that have occurred and are happening in his native Brooklyn  borough. While eating andouille ravioli and  duck, the “Eat To Live” rapper and the renowned chef discussed the  gentrification happening throughout the BK. “I’m ignorant about what’s going on  Brooklyn,” said Kweli candidly. “Where I moved to now is by Myrtle Ave. When I  was growing up it was called ‘Murder Ave.’ I walk down there’s an organic  grocery and it’s like white guys with beards. Which, I’m not mad at it. But it’s  something that’s so different I didn’t recognize it.”

The series finale of Anthony Bourdain: No  Reservations — The Final Tour airs Monday, November 5th at 9PM on the  Travel Channel and Talib Kweli’s latest album, Prisoner Of Conscious, is due out  sometime this year.


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