Hotel of the Day: Public Hotel Chicago


Public Hotel Chicago

Studio 54 co-founder Ian Schrager visionary of Public Hotel Chicago offers a good marriage between upscale luxury travel with affordable prices. Schrager gave a new life and transformed the old space of the Ambassador East Hotel and its classic restaurant Pump Room. The boutique hotel offers 285 rooms that are individually furnished with an uber-clean decor aesthetics that caters to varying tastes defines its own brand of luxury in the simplicity, efficiency and convenience that the hotel offers. The Public Express—a short menu of healthy meals crafted by Jean-Georges—was a high-speed version of room service. The hotel offers other amenities such as a meeting spaces for creative workshops, a downstairs library and coffee bar offers international java drinks, and a fitness room is located on the upper floors and features an amazing view of the Chicago skyline. The company has confirmed that their next location will be opening in NYC in 2012.

Public Hotel Chicago 1301 North State Parkway, Chicago, IL 60610 Facebook Twitter

Public Hotel Chicago

Public Hotel Chicago

Public Hotel Chicago

Public Hotel Chicago

Public Hotel Chicago

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