First Look: Goodwood Sports & Racing Collection by Belstaff


Goodwood Sports & Racing Collection by Belstaff Fall 2013

Iconic British brand Belstaff just presented its second lineup at London Collections of its Sports and Racing Collection by Goodwood that features trousers and jeans that have clasps and other details at the bottom that can be easily worn inside or outside biker boots; a zip-front washed leather racing jacket with blue and green stripes; a navy nylon puffer inspired by the colors of the Union Jack; and the brand’s traditional four-pocket Trialmaster jacket made from the Gordon family tartan.

The inspiration behind the collection is to revisit and reinterpret classics from the Goodwood archive from outerwear from the Fifties and Sixties as from the creative director, Martin Cooper explained :””When you think about the history of British motor sports, and Goodwood, and Belstaff, they are almost inseparable. In essence British motor sports were born on the estate – and Belstaff was there too. So for us this is a dream come true to partner with Lord March in a formal way to create a collection.” An iconic brand to watch, yes indeed.

via GQ

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