Exclusive Video: J.Crew’s “Holy Jackets”

JCrew Holy Jackets
J.Crew launches “Holy Jackets”, a short film that showcases one of the Italian mills that produces material for its J.Crew’s signature Ludlow Suit, Vitale Barberis Cononico, a family-owned business that’s been handing down tradition for 15 generations. Narrated by Francesco Barberis Canonico, the film takes us inside Vitale Barberis Canonico mill to see how heritage, tradition and family have created the artistry behind their suits. Here, they do things a little bit differently—a little more like the old way, when men dressed up for Saturday the same way they did for Monday. Here, they still pay attention to the details and know how a suit should fit—and why every man should wear one. Here, they’re making the fabric for our signature Ludlow suit, and here “cannot be reproduced anywhere else.” For a further look, head over to J.Crew for a series of photographs around the mill.

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