Dapper + Gent Guide to Travelling in Style



What to wear when you’re flying is well-defined territory and from skirt too shorts and pants too low, travellers will learn the hard way that their wardrobe keep them grounded or even kicked out of the airline. Remember when an airline told Kevin Smith that he was too fat to fly in 2007 or when a college football players low hung pants and his refusal to pull them up caused his controversial removal from the plane, or a college student was asked to wear a blanket over her mini skirt

What are some of the basic must-know when it comes to plane dressing etiquette? “Comfort comes a priority for myself when travelling especially if you travel for work 365 the whole year. No showing of arms, leave your flip flops at home and no bare feat. Shoes, Socks and sleeves a must. And gone are the days when woman who want to look put together travelling, men can look good on the go and its not hard as it looks

Here are 4 ways to dress for the air and avoid being booted off the plane.

Plan for the Inevitable

Knock on wood! I haven’t lost a baggage with my past travels and if you have, this could posed as a nightmare and headache could hinder your travels. Go for functionality and wear something that will tailor towards your travel destination. If your working for business, make sure to keep a suit jacket, a tie and dress shoes in your carry on. A linen jacket is a must for summer travel or if you’re heading to a hot destination, as it’s easy to pack and will keep you cool. Always think ahead and at least you won’t be walking to your business meeting naked.

Comfort Rules them all and can be Cool

As I recall when I went to Asia for a leisure trip back in 2004, I was tempted to wear my pajamas as it was a direct flight and will be flying the whole day. Instead go for comfort, a pair of dark jeans(Levi’s usually), light sweater layered over a T-shirt and a blazer. On summer travels – go for cotton material and winter – cashmere and merino which will add extra warmth on cold flight.Be sure to pack a handful of graphic tees, which look great under a blazer or on its own with a pair of jeans or stretchy chinos are great because they’re comfortable. Aim for tees with cool designs, album covers or retro-prints.

Utilize Space

If you’re flying in a blazer or suit jacket on the plane, use the pockets to store your watch,wallet and keys when going through security and not the small bins. When you’re onboard, store it in the overhead compartment for functionality and it causes less wrinkles than if your jacket is stuffed in a checked bag. I also recommend bringing a Moleskine notebook for travellers who likes to take notes on the go just because some things are written down by hand or jotting your to-do list for your upcoming trip.


This is a must ladies and gentlemen and can be two-fold: Go through security barefoot and say hello to germs. And if you’re the type that kicks their shoes off mid-flight, “no one needs to see your toes, manicured or not,”. Loafers are also great combination of style and comfort. Or a pair of  neutral  funky pair of  trainers as these can easily be slipped on or off at security and on the plane. Overlooked aspect of your airport style is your carry case, it will state your image in seconds. Go for brown or black leather because it matches any outfit and makes you look sophisticated and cool.

Last but not least, make sure you’ve always got your credit cards handy. If the worst happens and you lose your luggage, you can always buy a new wardrobe, which wouldn’t be that bad after all!

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