Dapper + Gent Guide to Travelling in Style



What to wear when you’re flying is well-defined territory and from skirt too shorts and pants too low, travellers will learn the hard way that their wardrobe keep them grounded or even kicked out of the airline. Remember when an airline told Kevin Smith that he was too fat to fly in 2007 or when a college football players low hung pants and his refusal to pull them up caused his controversial removal from the plane, or a college student was asked to wear a blanket over her mini skirt

What are some of the basic must-know when it comes to plane dressing etiquette? “Comfort comes a priority for myself when travelling especially if you travel for work 365 the whole year. No showing of arms, leave your flip flops at home and no bare feat. Shoes, Socks and sleeves a must. And gone are the days when woman who want to look put together travelling, men can look good on the go and its not hard as it looks

Here are 4 ways to dress for the air and avoid being booted off the plane.

Style Evolution: Ryan Gosling Golden Globes 2017


Ryan Gosling wears Gucci and Louboutin shoes

Ryan Gosling won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical / Comedy for his performance as the jazz-obsessed musician Sebastian in La La Land this past Sunday 74th annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, California. Arguably one of the most dapper gentlemen in Hollywood right now

The Importance of Dressing Well Everyday



First Impressions Count. In every work setting, your appearance matters and its believed that dressing can increase your income. Your image is part of your brand, an outside indicator of who you are as a person. Every one of us could benefit from learning a little bit more about how to present ourselves to the world for success. 

Product Highlight: John Varvatos Dark Rebel




Tough. Intoxicating. Rebellious. John Varvatos‘ latest fragrance is Dark Rebel. Inspired by the designer’s return to his home city, Detroit, Dark Rebel speaks to the rebel in every man. 

Dapper and Gent: How to choose the right hair product for you?

David Beckham Hair style

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What does David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling all have in common ? They all have heavenly hair we can all admire. Style always starts on the top. It isn’t all about the cut but the right combination of styling technique and high quality hair products that will keep your hair looking dapper at all times.