Hotel of the Day: Public Hotel Chicago


Public Hotel Chicago

Studio 54 co-founder Ian Schrager visionary of Public Hotel Chicago offers a good marriage between upscale luxury travel with affordable prices. Schrager gave a new life and transformed the old space of the Ambassador East Hotel and its classic restaurant Pump Room. The boutique hotel offers 285 rooms that are individually furnished with an uber-clean decor aesthetics that caters to varying tastes defines its own brand of luxury in the simplicity, efficiency and convenience that the hotel offers.

Hotel of the Day: Belgraves, A Thompson Hotel


Belgraves, Thompson Hotels

Thompson’s latest project, Belgraves is located in Belgravia, a neighborhood in London where stylish shops, restaurants and home to many of the capital’s diplomats and notable public figures. The hotel sets the perfect marriage between its upscale ambiance with a downtown attitude with its communal space is designed to maintain an air of comfort and seclusion.

Hotel of the Day: Blue on Water


Blue on Water

Blue on Water is Newfoundland’s premier boutique hotel. Located in the heart of St. John’s, on North America’s oldest street George Street just steps from the Atlantic. The hotel offers 12-room with an on-site restaurant and bar combine world-class style with the province’s legendary personality

Blue on Water 319 Water Street,  St. John’s, NL, Canada A1C 1B9

Hotel of the Day: Auberge Du Soleil


Auberge Du Soleil

Originally opened as a restaurant in 1981 by French restaurateur Claude Rouas and his partner Robert Harmon have created Auberge Du Soleil, one of the premier resorts in Napa Valley hidden amongst a grove of olive trees that evokes a love of Provence and the South of France. With its amazing views, the resort offers spacious “maisons” perched on the hillside

Hotel of the Day: Jumbo Stay

Jumbo Stay

Built inside a decommisioned 747 jumbo jets parked permanently at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, Jumbo Stay offers guests 27 rooms with three beds in each and its more expensive “cockpit suite” located on the upper deck ,some that have a private washroom, some shared access shower and toilet facilities. All rooms have a flat screen television where guests can watch the times of departure for all flights. Throughout the jetliner guests have access to wireless broadband. All rooms share a shower and toilet in the corridor, except for the cockpit suite and a single person room which features their own.

Jumbo Stay Jumbovägen 4, 190 47 Stockholm-arlanda, Sweden Facebook