Gant Rugger Spring/Summer 2013 collection


GANT Rugger Christopher Bastin unveiled their Spring/Summer 2013 collection calling it “Team Americano” a name attributed from U.S. editors, writers and photographers that attend Pitti Uomo in Florence. Bastin sees the label’s signature take on tailored classics in a new light for the spring/summer 2013 season, feeding the latest collection through his experience at Pitti Uomo. The GANT Rugger collection are Italian influence but with an American flair with crisp blazers and solid crewneck sweaters are an ideal pairing for khakis, twill shorts and other essentials, delivered in linen, jersey, sunfaded pastels combined with an all-American colors of red,white and blue and other summery fabrics.

Gant Rugger: Unkempt Sprezzatura


GANT Rugger Unkempt Sprezzatura

The way to many people’s hearts is food, but for others it’s stylish clothes. GANT Rugger combined the two with its latest Unkempt Sprezzatura campaign for Fall/Winter 2012 enlisting restaurant owners and New York food scene favourite Philip Winser and Ben Towill—owners of The Fat Radish and Ruschmeyer’s in Long Island’s Montauk, respectively to model the latest line of clothes and be the face of GANT Rugger for the upcoming season. Designer Christopher Bastin created a collection that marries both “The Chef” and “The Restaurateur” as his inspiration that addresses the full-range of foodie’s wardrobe from sportswear inspired pieces to tailored suits and sportcoats. The campaign was shot at The Fat Radish on the Lower East Side.

GANT Rugger Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook Unkempt Sprezzatura


GANT Rugger Lookbook Unkempt Sprezzatura

GANT Rugger releases their Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook Unkempt Sprezzatura with much conviction and trajectory towards his latest creation to inject the clothes with great personality. Inspired by the characters of a Chef and Owner, designer Christopher Bastin offers us with great combination of casual and formal looks with warm knit sweaters and cool outerwear.

Christopher Bastin GANT Rugger’s Fall Collection


GANT Rugger Christopher Bastin

A few months ago GANT Rugger presented its foodie-inspired Fall/Winter 2012 collection in a highly appropriate way: dinner at New York’s The Fat Radish with the staff and models wearing the clothes. GANT Creative Director) Christopher Bastin’s talks about his latest lookbook, his favorite restaurants around the world, and why cooking is sort of like designing.  GANT Rugger’s newest collection draws on the relationship between a dapper restaurant owner and his more utilitarian head chef. Watch the video after the jump.

GANT Rugger High Summer 2012 Men’s Lookbook


A collection that is geared towards one of my passion which is tennis. GANT Rugger presents its High Summer 2012 collection of casual wear inspired by social gatherings tennis scene of the Hamptons. Functional sports wear with offerings such as classic tennis takes fitted blazers, knitted sweaters, polos, shorts and shirts in madras or oxford cotton. Looks like this is everything you need for a preppy weekend getaway in the Hamptons. Visit the GANT website to shop the collection.