My Fear of Blogging


To ask a question :Why do we fear the unknown. I find that we as human beings fear what we cannot control, or things we do not know how to control. For example, I got invited to a technology networking event last year and I didn’t know the subject fairly well to risk embarrassment or not knowing fully my topics  so I took the time to research or speak to some of my techie experts that I closely associate with to gain information. In addition, I thought of the closed to being extinct  sharks. A lot of us fear this animal from our preconceived notions or our visual recollection from the movie “Jaws”. Much to the fact that we feel little control of the ocean, its vastness and the unknown which is perfect to sharks.

When fear strikes, why do we turn our back.

As you can see, I only have a few blog entries from last year. I’ve set-up the blog and I was determined to begin my blogging journey. As I recall I set-up some time in my schedule to sit down,poised to type with the intention of blogging. My mind goes blank. Ladies and Gentleman – I’ve officially reached a road block or in my head a mind block.

To ask the question, what is the stumbling block one faces when blogging for the first time? It could be fear of criticism of not writing well enough or expectations for self are high and that words will be read out of context.

As I tackle my fear of blogging, I took into perspective that I have something to share with the world! Opening my soul to the public and something valuable and grand every person needs to hear. It’s not that you “can’t” blog. It’s that you’re afraid you won’t do a good job of it.

My good friend, Laura used to remind me when I used to collaborate with her social activism campaign is to take one step at a time, inch by inch, foot by foot and mile by mile.

Often when I’m planning to write my blog greater expectations are developed and this is when task becomes overwhelmingly stressful. I guess I daydream and get myself ahead of the game with a fixative imagination of greatness and success and wonder where I might even begin.  I told my sister this and she started laughing. Her advice was – If you don’t start, you’ve already failed.

The general rule in blogging is that it takes time to gain traction and see the fruits of my effort until after six months of continuous work. One of the many reasons why I choose to blog again and share my passion. Otherwise, I won’t make it to the sixth month mark. Even though with a busy schedule – I’ve taken the liberty to take the first step of writing this post to re-introduce my blog to the world mind you I have a lot to opinions (cue sarcastic laugh). As my good friend Laura have proclaimed – take one step at a time, inch by inch, foot by foot and mile by mile and in no time crafting beautiful blog posts to share with the world. My perspective of my blog will become a collection of “self” where, within my soul have been unveiled.

I’ve always think too much about what other people think.

In my opinion,criticism helps to push people to work harder – in small doses. I don’t know exactly the reason as to why we’re so concern about what others thoughts and opinion are. Do we place too much of our value in the respect and admiration of others? We human beings shouldn’t let the fear of other’s thoughts keep us from producing our most beautiful work.

Our creative work, opinions and thoughts comes deeper from the soul.

As I started this year in a high note – I’m about to jump into the blog-sphere…Take two. The world is filled with beautiful,supportive people that I’ve been closely associated myself with. These are people who know the object and opportunity of giving back. It’s amazing the camaraderie of some of the blogger I’ve spoke to when I expressed my blog interest. A true litmus indicator of a friend is someone who can be happy with success you’ve found cheering you all the way.

I’ve taken the first step to get past my fear as I know that there will be many bloggers who will be happy and willing to help.

Ready….. Set ….. Write