Dapper and Gent: How to choose the right hair product for you?

David Beckham Hair style

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What does David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling all have in common ? They all have heavenly hair we can all admire. Style always starts on the top. It isn’t all about the cut but the right combination of styling technique and high quality hair products that will keep your hair looking dapper at all times.

David Beckham & H&M – New Collection and Behind the Scenes Video


David Beckham teamed up with H&M once more to design a new collection of his underwear line. The footballer posted photos from his new H&M ad campaign for the holiday on his Facebook page.  The collection features a comfy housecoat, Henley’s, long underwear with patches, t-shirts and long sleeves. All inspired by traditional styles of classic underwear. Check the gallery above for the complete collection and watch the behind the scenes video of the campaign shoot.

David Beckham Bodywear for H&M


Soccer Superstar David Beckham joins of an ongoing collaboration with the Swedish retailer H&M to showcase their first bodywear collection features nine underwear styles , t-shirts, long jeans and other loungewear that will be available on the market on February 2, 2012.