iPads At Pearson to Enhance Dining Experience

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Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is one of three airports, New York’s LaGuardia Airport already 300 been placed to deploy 2000 in total, and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with 2500  to be outfitted with thousands of iPads by American airport  restaurant company OTG Management.

Canadian Boutique Hotel Group ALT Hotels to expand in Toronto,Winnipeg, Montréal and Halifax


With the impending June hotel opening this year of ALT Hotel Toronto Pearson at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Groupe Germain Hospitality – a luxury boutique hotel family run company based in Quebec continues its expansion into the Canadian cities east and west with its sister brand, ALT Hotels. Currently,ALT Hotels can be found in Quebec City, Montreal’s Quartier Dix30, and at the Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Toronto Pearson Airport getting new restaurants this year transforming dining experience

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Finally Toronto, an airport food dining experience transformation worthy to challenged behind many top airport city destination eats. Notable Toronto heavyweight chef with the likes of Mark McEwan (North 44), Guy Rubino (Ame) and Claudio Aprile (Origin) will converge on Toronto Pearson International airport to open restaurants and bars where airport foods goes beyong the standard cafetria fare. The restaurants will be run by New York firm OTG Management and expected to start the transformation space this summer and will continue into 2013. Another reason to take advantage of this great dining eats experience offering if your flights delayed or to get a taste of Toronto’s best chef eats.

Hotel Profile: ALT Hotel Toronto Pearson Opening June 22,2012


I’m a huge fan of the Hotel Le Germain brand as a boutique hotel aficionado  – I was very excited to learn that they will be opening an ALT Hotel this coming Spring 2012. The ALT Hotel Toronto Pearson would be the third in the no-frills-chic affordable chain started by Groupe Germain Hospitality in 2007. With 149 rooms, the 13-storey ALT Hotel Toronto Pearson will be significantly smaller than the more upscale Sheraton Gateway Hotel located at Terminal 3 Toronto Pearson International Airport. Compared to both of their  Hotel Le Germain Toronto properties located downtown at Mercer St. and Maple Leaf Square next to the Air Canada Centre, the ALT Hotel would be more affordable price friendly. The design will be similar to the two other ALT properties in Montreal andQuebec City

The hotel will be located at the end of the Link train line that shuttles passengers between terminals at Toronto Pearson International Airport. If your looking for simple, yet stylish accommodations close to the airport at an affordable price – the ALT Hotel Toronto is definitely a hotel to keep in mind! Rates will be $149 the whole year.

ALT Hotel Toronto Pearson 6080 Viscount Rd,Mississauga, ON L4V 0A1  Facebook  Twitter

Toronto Airport Hotels Guide


Toronto Airport Hotels are your best accommodation option if you’re flying in and out of Toronto, budget-conscious, and offer great flexibility and convenience. If you have an early morning flight out of Toronto Pearson Airport or for a business trip, this is no brainer and they offer wide range of hotels from Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott to Holiday Inn to Westin. Compared to downtown Toronto hotels, Toronto airports usually offers cheaper rates and they provide just the right price that will match amenities provided. And with a shuttle away, you’re just minutes from the Toronto Pearson Airport which means minimum hassle, downtime, extra traveling time or potential problems due to traffic, weather and other delays. Here are some of the Toronto Airport Hotels within a 2 kilometres of Toronto Pearson Airport.