Dapper + Gent Guide to Travelling in Style



What to wear when you’re flying is well-defined territory and from skirt too shorts and pants too low, travellers will learn the hard way that their wardrobe keep them grounded or even kicked out of the airline. Remember when an airline told Kevin Smith that he was too fat to fly in 2007 or when a college football players low hung pants and his refusal to pull them up caused his controversial removal from the plane, or a college student was asked to wear a blanket over her mini skirt

What are some of the basic must-know when it comes to plane dressing etiquette? “Comfort comes a priority for myself when travelling especially if you travel for work 365 the whole year. No showing of arms, leave your flip flops at home and no bare feat. Shoes, Socks and sleeves a must. And gone are the days when woman who want to look put together travelling, men can look good on the go and its not hard as it looks

Here are 4 ways to dress for the air and avoid being booted off the plane.

Hotel Buzz Profile: Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Opening October 5,2012


The Four Seasons Toronto reboots its presence in the city’s Yorkville neighbourhood with a brand new hotel/condominium on the eastern edge of the fashionista and celeb area. Set to open in October 5, the luxury flagship hotel

iPads At Pearson to Enhance Dining Experience

Eats & Sips

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is one of three airports, New York’s LaGuardia Airport already 300 been placed to deploy 2000 in total, and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with 2500  to be outfitted with thousands of iPads by American airport  restaurant company OTG Management.

What’s the best way to get room upgrade?


You’ve just arrive in your hotel after that 10 hour flight to get to your vacation destination. Now you’re waiting patiently at the check-in line at your hotel and you’ve got one thing on your mind is to get a room upgrade. We’ve all heard the stories of someone slipping the front desk agent at $10, $20 or $50 and then magically get upgraded to a beautiful view of the ocean, park, mountain, street or if you’re in Las Vegas the all important Strip. As much as I’ve travelled and as many hotels I’ve check-into, I’ve yet to score that  room upgrade – sometimes my chain loyalty program works out in my favour and sometimes you happen to smile at the right person and bat those eyelashes of yours in the right direction. While complimentary move to a better room accommodation isn’t guaranteed, you can always improve your odds of receiving an upgrade.