The Man’s Guide to Buying a Watch: Episode 2: What is a Complication?

IWC Watches

Have you ever wondered what the extra dials inside a watch face are? In many cases, these aren’t merely decorative — they are complications or special technical features which enhance the marvel of a mechanical watch.

This IWC video is the second in a series called “The Man’s Guide to Buying a Watch”. Continue reading


The Man’s Guide to Buying a Watch – Episode 1: What is a Movement?

IWC Watches

This IWC video is the first in a series called “The Man’s guide to buying a watch”. Over the course of the next few months IWC will feature watches, people at the manufacture in Schaffhausen and well known bloggers in the field of fine watch making to give us a behind the scenes look at these  watches and some of the complications that form the IWC collection. Continue reading

The Man’s Guide to Buying a Watch: Episode 3: What’s style got to do with it?

IWC Watches

Watches are the single most important statement a man can make about his personal style.  Some are designed for action and performance, some are designed as relics of timeless elegance. IWC makes sure to address the multiple facets of masculinity and embody them in the style of each watch. Continue reading

Burberry,The Britain Watch Collection

British fashion house Burberry’s “The Britain” watch celebrates 158 years of the London-based brand, and marks the company’s first venture into the luxury watch market utilizing an automatic movement. The watches are inspired by the iconic Burberry trench as well as British design, with the rounded octagonal shape of the face taken from the D-ring closure on the famous coats. The color palette also follows the brand’s classic design-scheme. Burberry’s chief creative director describes it as, “The Britain represents all that Burberry stands for today as a brand built on design, innovation and function… from the D-rings and trench coloured dials, to these strong bolts that hold the case and protect the movement from the Continue reading