iPads At Pearson to Enhance Dining Experience

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Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is one of three airports, New York’s LaGuardia Airport already 300 been placed to deploy 2000 in total, and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with 2500  to be outfitted with thousands of iPads by American airport  restaurant company OTG Management.

Toronto Pearson Airport getting new restaurants this year transforming dining experience

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Finally Toronto, an airport food dining experience transformation worthy to challenged behind many top airport city destination eats. Notable Toronto heavyweight chef with the likes of Mark McEwan (North 44), Guy Rubino (Ame) and Claudio Aprile (Origin) will converge on Toronto Pearson International airport to open restaurants and bars where airport foods goes beyong the standard cafetria fare. The restaurants will be run by New York firm OTG Management and expected to start the transformation space this summer and will continue into 2013. Another reason to take advantage of this great dining eats experience offering if your flights delayed or to get a taste of Toronto’s best chef eats.

Toronto’s Best Hotels 2011 Pick: Best Hotel Restaurant

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TOCA by Tom Brodi, at the Ritz Carlton Toronto, a hit with raving reviews for its refine Canadiana farm-to-table cuisine that supports local farmers and producers that celebrate the best of Canadian ingredients.  One, at the Hazelton Hotel Toronto,celebrity chef Mark McEwan‘s Yorkville outpost, attracts a splashy crowd looking for high-quality, finely executed classics Italian/French flavors utilizes local Ontario produce and provide plenty of pizzazz. The Drake restaurant, a personal favorite of mine helmed by chef extraordinaire Anthony Rose and his crew, with its tasty and generous dishes that offers great brunches fixing, ecclectic bar and busy bar.


(TOCA at the Ritz Carlton, Toronto)

(Drake Hotel Toronto)

(ONE Restaurant at the Hazelton Hotel)